We would like to make the distinction
that there are 2 different frequencies of Time:
Artificial~Mechanical Time & Natural~Galactic Time

Artificial time is a mental frequency generated by our adherence to the 12-month calendar and 60 minute clock – known as the 12:60 frequency. While these are commonly accepted versions of time, they lack a coherent basis in natural science and offer us limited meaning, connection, or inspiration for our lives. Rather, they produce a linear notion of time where every year is perceived as just another gerbil wheel lap around the sun, and every day is just another blank square of the 12-month calendar, set to the pace of the ceaselessly ticking mechanical clock. As Jose Argüelles said: “Unconscious acceptance of this 12:60 timing frequency is the single most contributing factor to the problem of human alienation from nature.”

Modernity’s time is as divorced from nature as plastic plants pretend to a perennial summer they never knew.” -Jay Griffiths

Natural time is a frequency of consciousness that is in sync with the living harmonies of cosmic order – known as the 13:20 frequency. The 13:20 ratio reveals the sacred mathematics that unify the microcosm and the macrocosm; the personal and the planetary; the soul and the cosmos. We can consciously live in phase with the 13:20 frequency by following the The Galactic Calendar and exploring the unfolding cycles of the 13 Tones of Creation & the 20 Solar Tribes of Galactic Time. By playfully exploring these daily energies, we can begin a profound shift in our reality and attune to the unique creative potential of each day.

We can discover the true nature of time to be a magical, flowing order that synchronizes all moments, events, and relations as a grand web of meaning. We can experience each orbit of our sun to be part of a spiraling adventure of ongoing evolution, in which each month, week and day embody meaningful aspects of our unfolding life’s journey. In reality, Time is the essence of our lives. Time is our creative life-force. We say “Time is Art!”

“I am convinced that our ability to change our relationship to time, as much as any factor, is an essential key to creating health on all levels.” -Christiane Northrup, M.D